Options and Fees


This is costing you time and money so lets make sure we make the most of this opportunity. After you have booked you will be sent a short questionnaire so that we can design an experience that best suits your experience and expectations. It may be that you simply want to take photos and so are happy to be guided, or, you can use this as an opportunity to add to your skill set and so learn a new technique. 

Below is a list of options; there is no way we can cover it in a day, so choose one or two that standout for you. Of course there are no guarantees about the weather, so it is good to have a think about Plan B also...

Option 1: The Tour

This might be all you want: to maximise your photographic opportunities when in this part of the world. Let me know what interests you most and we will make sure it happens. Weather permitting of course.

If, on the other hand, you are more interested in expanding your knowledge base then you might want to choose one or two of the following techniques and we will arrange the tour accordingly...

Option 2: Animate Your Images

Option 3: Cinemagraphs

Option 4: Stitches (seamless or mosaic)

Option 5: High Dynamic Range:

Option 6: Advanced Speedlite Lighting:

Option 7: Levitation:

Option 8: Post Production

Too many photographers produce great images but fail to make the most of them due to deficiencies in their post production workflow and methodology. If this is a fair description of you, then you may wish to take this option. 


Half day rate (6 hours maximum): First person $600, $200 each thereafter (maximum 4).

Full day rate (12 hours maximum): First person $900, $300 each thereafter (maximum 4).

Overnight stays and other variants are possible - please enquire.

Prices are in New Zealand dollars and are inclusive of all taxes.